What do you think?…..

You can’t runawy from your past, it’s one of those parts of you that are inevitable and you can’t undo once done.

It hurts you for all your life.

But it surely doesn’t define who you are now…. because what you did yesterday is not what you do tomorrow.

Once you do something, it’s done but the intention with which you do it,is what will determine your life and what you will be.

However your past is not who or what you will be.

You have all the chance to change your life and makeit
what you want

What is you thought about this.

It’s never too late and will never be to get up and make a life & make a life & believe that you are better than what they say you are!

Drop your opinion. What are your that’s.




Strangest Cultura

Strangest Cultura

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