Why Every Coach Needs An Awesome Content Calendar.

As a writer, it’s pretty easy to run around thinking that you’ll write because you’ve been bequeathed with The Gift and inspiration will strike because you are so brilliant (by you, I mean me). But as I learned back in college, and even more so once I entered the world of business, is that the romantic notion of writing is complete horse shit. Craft and strategy are required; not just a superior vocabulary (it’s true for any kind of writing, obviously). When it comes to content marketing, we’re talking about playing an elevated game of establishing relationships that are so mutually beneficial that eventually people want to pay you money to take that relationship to the next level.

In order to accomplish that, your content marketing program has to have consistency, clarity and personality.

Deets on what that means:

Consistency is what keeps you top of mind and doesn’t let you fade to the background noise — which is what happens because I promise you your competitors are keeping on top of their game. Publishing a new blog post and using email and social media to drive people to your blog should be something that happens once a week around the same time (exceptions made for testing in the beginning). This also creates anticipation for your audience. I actually wake up looking forward to certain blog posts or podcasts on certain days — because I know they’ll be there, I know they’ll be amazing and I know that they’ll provide a ton of value either to my life or business in the form of entertainment or education. On the flip side of that, there is a podcast that I enjoy very much that’s hosted by one of my favorite writers, but the inconsistency and lack of commitment to a solid schedule is agonizing. I don’t check for new episodes anymore because it makes me sad when there’s nothing new to listen to. Which is all the time. And he doesn’t address his elusiveness on Twitter. Not that I’m stalking him…

Clarity around your messages, what you want to promote and your desired goals are absolutely crucial. By mapping out your content strategy around events, launches, relevant holidays to your ideal clients and other significant happenings, the topics will basically fall in your lap. No need to sit around waiting to be struck by the muse for your divine inspiration. (Okay, am I just projecting too much as an artiste now?)

Personality is what makes you you. It’s what is going to attract your ideal client and maybe keep the ones that you don’t necessarily resonate with at bay. Your voice has to come through in your content. With your potential clients receiving hundreds, if not thousands, of offers every single day, it’s important to make sure that you stand out and that your unique gifts and view of the world take out. Otherwise you’re just noise.

Okay, so what does the content calendar do?

  1. Provides A Schedule And Foundation That Your Entire Team Can Work From. The content calendar is the foundation of all successful content marketing programs. By laying out a schedule on a spreadsheet that shows due dates for review, publish dates, topics and all media that the content will be published on, you’ll have a schedule that holds you accountable to being consistent. What you won’t have is an excuse that you don’t know what to write about or that you’re waiting for something else to happen or bla, bla, bla.
  2. Creates Some Major Clarity. A content marketing calendar also allows you toclarify your goals for the year and how your content marketing strategy should support those goals. It actually allows you to reverse engineer. Holding an event in August? What would it look like if you started promoting through your content marketing in June? In May? What kind of story do you want to tell around the event (or product launch, or service offering, or holiday special, etc. etc. etc.).
  3. Provides A Brainstorming Place. It never has to go into deep detail, but this is where topics and ideas that allow your genuine personality to shine through can all be gathered in one place by either you or your team. The portrayal of your voice is only seeded in your content calendar. It’s executed in the writing. (If you need help with your content writing, please check out our services).

​It’s likely that you’re aware of content calendars, that you know you need one if you’re going to get serious about your content marketing strategy this year, and it’s also likely that you haven’t created yours yet because it just sounds like a huge pain in the tush. If that sounds about right, I have some awesome news for you: I’m offering a FREE Content Calendar Planning Session for Q2 through the end of March. All you need to do is email me to schedule your session and we’ll get you started on the right foot for the next quarter.

In the meantime, what’s worked for you in the past in regards to scheduling your content? What hasn’t worked? Leave your comments below.

And as always, don’t keep us a secret! If you know another coach who has some amazing services and insights to offer to the world but they don’t really have the time to be writing about their awesomeness, send them my way. I can help.

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