Plant your feet firmly…

To quickly achieve your dreams and goals requires that you first acknowledge and accept where you are, who you are and what you have done in life, for this indisputable truth remains forever: Where You’re At, Is Where You’re At…

Mentally accept that where you’re at for right now is an okay place to be, regardless of the past and what has happened to you.

Give the past no room in mind, or it will stick around and haunt you in the present. Leave the extra baggage behind, it costs extra to carry it aboard.

Accept Yourself Exactly Where You’re At No Matter The Condition…

If “I’m in a crappy job”.
If “I’m in a fat body”.
If “I’m in a shitty relationship”.
If “I’ve lost my job”.
If “I’m flat broke and worried”.
If “I feel unappreciated, unloved and unattractive”.
If “I’m frustrated and depressed”.
If “I’ve lost everything I own”.

Where I’m At is Where I’m At, But Where I’m Going Is Up To Me.

Imagine: You’re standing at the bank of fast flowing river and the safest way to cross is a series of slippery moss covered rocks protruding from the water.

As you cross you realize that the best way to step is to plant your feet firmly on the rock beneath you. With both feet planted firmly you can balance, find stability and then make pick your next move wisely.

Even if at the moment you have no choice or chances to be elsewhere…

What slippery rock are you on right now? Do you have your feet planted firmly?

Complaining about the circumstances that put you there will only distract you from what you need to do to move forward, to make your way safely across the fast flowing river.

Questions like “Why me, and what did I ever do to deserve this?” — Will likely deliver you into the cold water and also prove that you’re a victim worthy of sympathy.

Taking your focus away from the slippery rock beneath you before moving to the next rock will surely lead to cold swim -OR- You can gain a foothold, accept where you are, accept your current circumstances no matter how badly you wish you were someplace else.

Accepting where you’re at doesn’t mean you’ve quit.

On the contrary, refusing to “accept” where you’re at leads to mental fogginess, frustration and depression about where you’re at. Its counter productive and depletes energy…

But to truly accept where you’re at “without illusions” will put you in a position to much better control and influence your future. You begin to operate from the only point of power you have — the present moment “with both feet planted…”

Strategy: Focus on the present.

Whenever you find yourself caught up in stories and emotions from the past, simply say out loud: “Where I’m At is Where I’m At”.

Every time you catch yourself getting caught up in the negative emotions from the past repeat that sentence out loud:

“Where I’m At is Where I’m At”.

Do this consistently and the past won’t sting nearly as much. Plus you’ll begin to notice how much better you’re equipped, mentally, and emotionally, to create the future you want in the present.

And remember “Where I’m At is Where I’m At, But Where I’m Going Is Up To Me.”

Brendan Rehman

Founder & CEO @ “& I write code.” 
Decide with confidence. Act with purpose… “For Students of All Ages.”

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