Playing by the Rules.

It’s no secret we sometimes have to play by the rules of others.

Most of your life will be spent playing in someone else’s ball park, under conditions that might cause you to feel frustrated, angry and unproductive.

To achieve your goals and live your dreams its important to learn to function effectively under those conditions. Some ball parks are easy to play in, others may present conditions that are undesirable at best.

Here are just some of the ways you might play in someone else’s ball park:

  1. Working for a boss you don’t agree with but you like the job and company.

2. In a relationship where you demand more than the other person is willing to give, and you don’t want to end it.

3. You are forced to deal with the tax man.

4. You’re in a club you really like but its run by idiots “you think”.

5. You live in a rented house or apartment.

6. You live with your folks.

Fact: You will find yourself playing in someone else’s ball park every day.

In most cases the rules of the game might make you feel cheated or they might not agree, so you’ll try to alter them to fit with your agenda…


Fact: Trying to alter the rules in someone else’s ball park will result in losses about 100% of the time. “I’ve tried, failed, and learned from it.”

So you can feel mistreated, get angry, and frustrated… like it matters.

— OR —

You can learn that to win when playing in someone else’s ball park requires only one thing…

Learn to play by the rules.

Simple right?

How do you know you’re losing when you’re playing in someone else’s ball park?

Your thoughts are filled with:
“They can’t make me do that…”
 “He/She can’t talk to me that way…”
 “I didn’t do anything to deserve this…”
 and a favorite “It’s just not fair…”

If you’re thinking this way about where you’re at right now you’re not playing by the rules and you won’t hit any home runs. And you will fail consistently if you try to change the rules without getting the rule maker to agree to your newly proposed rules.

At this point you’re probably wondering how you can possibly gain control of your future if you have zero control?

Its simple really… Follow the rules even if you don’t make the rules.

Winning is about maximizing your potential for success.

The more energy you have for that the better. Simply make the decision to accomplish what you are after, even if it means playing by someone else’s rules.

If you find that even when you follow the rules it’s not working then make the decision to go play somewhere else.

You do have a choice as to where you want to play… Don’t waste your energy or time trying to buck the system.

Why waste all your potential energy on success trying to change the rules of a game you might end up losing.

Go with the flow so long as it increases your potential for success and If it doesn’t, go play elsewhere in a different ball park, or make your own.

Brendan Rehman
Founder & CEO @ “& I write code.” 
Decide with confidence. Act with purpose…