The design and control of your future.

The design and control of your future requires that you first let go of the past.

The more time you spend dwelling on the past is directly proportional to how much control you will have now to do the things you need to do to create a brighter future.

If you want to take control of your life you must begin with a clean slate.

That means dumping the garbage of the past and its grip on you. It’s very easy to get caught up in what happened to you in the past; even yesterday’s events can have a tight hold on you.

Negative experiences often appear to be larger than life simply because they were your experiences. You may even begin to feel like you were the only person on earth to have had that negative experience.

But, heres the shocker. You will be very surprised at what others have been through.

Take the time to strike up conversation about somebodies past and if they’re feeling particularly down or depressed they’ll generally spill the beans.

Remember though be kind and listen…

Entire post in 1 sentence. :)

Put the past where it belongs… in the past.


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