You Are What You Love

Book #1: You Are What You Love by James K. A. Smith

❤ Book #1 recap from my 50 Books 2018 Challenge!

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You Are What You Love

The Spiritual Power of Habit, James K. A. Smith

You Are What You Love was a lovely first read for the year, that I was able to easily finish over New Years weekend.

This book served as a great reminder to consciously kick off the new year by reflecting on my current habits and determining if they’re truly serving to help achieve my goals.

James K. A. Smith is a Christian author, and although I am not religious, I still enjoyed learning about this fundamental spiritual power of habit that we can all use in our lives.

This book would be good for someone who is seeking to shift their life direction and live more consciously so they can achieve their goals.

One takeaway from the book that really stood out to me was that:

“Dispositions are inscribed into your character through rhythms and routines and rituals, enacted over and over again, that implant in you a disposition to an end that becomes a character trait — a sort of learned, second-nature default orientation that you tend toward ‘without thinking about it’…
Virtues are learned and acquired, through imitation and practice.”

Every single day counts when you’re shaping your life.

❤ You are what you love.

❤ You are what you practice.

❤ You are what you say to yourself.

❤ You are what you read.

❤ You are what you listen to.

❤ You are what you do every day.

❤ Never give up.

❤ Keep moving forward.

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