Why Now Is The Time to Cash In On Your Passion

Book #3: Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

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Crush It!

Now Is The Time to Cash In On Your Passion, Gary Vaynerchuk

I purchased Crush It! years ago, but finally just got around to reading it thanks to my 50 Books Challenge.

I’m a long time Gary Vee fan (he’s my hustle spirit animal)— but I’m more of a lurker who leaves to execute, than someone who will comment or watch all of his videos.

For the past couple of years I have kicked off every morning listening to a Gary Vee podcast; his energy and passion always get me pumped up and ready for for a productive day.

Crush It! is one of Gary’s first books, and I loved reading all of his actionable insights and predictions. Now truly is the time to cash in on our passions — and Gary Vaynerchuk is the go to guy to get shit done.

Gary shares his secret three rules to live by, that show who he is at his core:

“Love your family.
Work super hard.
Live your passion.”

You’ll learn the tried and true tactics of how to channel your passion, what real hustle looks like, why building a personal brand is crucial to professional advancement, how to monetize your interactions, and how to build your legacy.

That being said, this book was published in 2009, and I would recommend reading his latest book, Crushing It! that just came out this January 2018 instead*.

*However, IMHO, every true and truly grateful Gary Vaynerchuk fan would purchase every single one of his books, outdated or not, in gratitude for all the free content he puts out there for us.

Are you a Gary Vee fan? Do you watch his videos, read his books, or listen to his podcast? LMK — I’d love to hear what inspires you!

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