3 Ways to Evaluate an ICO

By Josiah Wilmoth

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) present investors with one of the crypto finance industry’s most promising investment vehicles. However, many investors express confusion at how to evaluate ICOs and select the ones that will provide the best return on investment. This is why Strategic Coin has set out to provide investors with the educational resources and in-depth ICO research reports they need to navigate the crypto finance industry with confidence.

Below, this article explains three ways to evaluate an ICO:

Examine the Team

The most important component of any startup’s success is the team behind it. Consequently, investors should begin their research by examining the experience and qualifications of the developers. A solid team will be composed of members with verifiable industry experience, both in business and blockchain development. Look for developers who have a history of seeing projects through to completion, as your investment will depend on their commitment to the project.

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