A Hacker Stole $117,000 From This Bitcoin User. Don’t Make the Same Mistake.

By Josiah Wilmoth

An Austrian man lost nearly $120,000 worth of cryptocurrency after falling prey to a cyber attack that occurred while he was using his computer to check his bitcoin balance on a public wireless internet network.

Hacker Steals $117,000 in Bitcoins From Public WiFi Network User

As reported by CBS News, the 36-year old man attempted to check his bitcoin wallet balance while logged into a public wireless network hosted by a restaurant in the city of Innsbruck. To his dismay, more than $117,000 worth of bitcoins had vanished from his wallet — seized by hackers.

It is not clear whether the funds were stolen while the victim was logged into this particular wireless network, but the fact that he was accessing his bitcoin wallet on a public network at all demonstrates that he was exercising poor digital hygiene.

Don’t make the same mistake.

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