#CharlotteProtests on Twitter


Stratifyd is headquartered in Charlotte, as many of you may already know. Everyone here at Stratifyd deeply and genuinely loves this young and vibrant city and the diversity of Charlotte. Since Tuesday evening, The Queen City has received attention from local, national and international media, due to a tragic incident of fatal police shooting. Today, we are going to apply Signal’s text analytics abilities on social media, and find out what people are talking about.

Signals has a built-in data connector to Twitter, so it is easy and fast to extract any data you want to analyze. We input the term #CharlotteProtests, and received more than 3000 tweets. Signals analyzed these tweets and visualized the data within minutes. Let’s see what Signals machine learning technology found out for us:


We know #CharlotteProtests is trending on Twitter, but you know what other topic is generating even more responses?


#InternationaldayofPeace has way more tweets than #CharlotteProtests, people hope for peace, especially during such a hard time. We can’t change what has already happened, but we can learn to find meanings in such a tragedy and move on stronger, together.

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