More than a Cruise Ship — Harmony of the Seas

The largest cruise ship in the world, Harmony of the Seas, sailed its maiden voyage on May 29th, and Twitter was aflame with anticipation. Buzz is critical when making a $1.35 billion dollar investment and people were buzzing about RCCL’s newest vessel well before she finished sea trials. Using the term “#harmonyoftheseas” in our Twitter data connector, we captured 3200 tweets about Harmony of the Seas and her maiden voyage, discovering some instant insights into the appeal of the world’s largest cruise ship.

As anyone familiar with the travel industry will tell you, get the professional travel reviewers excited about new stuff and good things will happen. For Royal Caribbean — it worked like a charm — with travel experts from around the globe delivering overwhelmingly positive reviews about everything from the Royal Suite to the Robot Bar. At first glance, Harmony of the Seas is simply massive and the fact that she’s equipped with the cruise industry’s most innovative facilities makes the cruise experience one to remember.

Starting with staterooms, the Royal Loft Suite will make you feel like the king or queen of the world with a split level configuration affording ample space and breath taking views. A standard inboard stateroom has also been upgraded featuring more room and better digital access to everything from wifi to movie rentals on the gigantic flat screen TV — but let’s see beyond the cruise quarters and see what travelers are really tweeting about!

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Royal Suite
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The Signals platform analyzed all of the tweets so you can see for yourself what travelers are saying. In the ‘Category Overview’, we can quickly learn what people are really tweeting about — which is really important when an exceptional cruise experience is what Royal Caribbean is known for. Central Park (an open air garden path with scrumptious food and fine shops), the Royal Promenade (a neighborhood that offers a wide variety of entertainment), the Bionic Bar (where drinks are solely made by two robotic arms!), and the Royal Loft Suites all captured Twitter acclaim but the most popular attraction to the Harmony of the Seas was the Ultimate Abyss, which is the side-by-side slides sending guests down 10 decks at a rate of 9 miles per hour. This ultimate thrill water slide is the tallest slide at sea and challenging every passenger afloat to find out if they have what it takes to take the plunge.


Overall, the entire Twitter experience for the maiden voyage of the Harmony of the Seas was one of accolades, great times and extraordinary fun had by all. The overwhelming positive sentiment shared by cruisers partaking of all the new amenities and endless set of attractions speaks to how well and how consistently Royal Caribbean caters to their passengers on the open seas. This is especially important given that many of the cruisers were celebrating everything from Vow Renewals to Anniversaries and Bucket Lists to Birthdays — which was also identified in the tweets.


Royal Caribbean has once again ushered in new expectations for fun on the high seas but, as with everything in a hyper-competitive marketplace, their spot on top of Cruise World may be short-lived with the upcoming launch of several other cruise lines touting smaller vessels with a more personalized cruise experience. Regardless of this year’s winner, the heavy weight battle for cruise dominance will continue and solutions like Signals can help companies like Royal Caribbean continually analyze unstructured textual feedback (like tweets, FaceBook, LinkedIn, CruiseWorld Reviews, etc.) to ensure they can anticipate changes in Cruiser preference and exceed Cruiser experience 365 days a year.

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