Who are you with? Data Visualization of Trump and Clinton’s Facebook Pages

We are less than two months away from United States Presidential Election, and it’s hard to say who we will have as our next president. The two candidates both have many followers on Facebook. Clinton has more than 6 million fans on her Facebook page while Trump has over 10 million Facebook fans.

Signals is a terrific tool to extract and analyze textual data, so we used it to analyze comments on both candidates’ public Facebook pages. When you use Signals to extract and analyze data from Facebook, it’s effortlessly simple. All you need to do is use our built-in data connector, and specify the page you want to analyze. (See related post: Data Connectors for Customer Analysis)

Here’s what we found.


We used Signals’ Comparison View to display both dashboards above. This view is convenient if you want to compare and contrast data sets. Signals’ dashboard is completely interactive, so if you want more information, simply click on the “what” you want to explore. Drag and drop to arrange the dashboard to fit your visual needs.

We placed results of the analysis in the infographic below. If you would like to run your own analysis on Facebook pages, or any other textual data source, sign up for a free trial account of Signals here. In addition to the built-in data connectors you can upload any Excel or csv file on an ad-hoc basis.

Questions? Email us anytime at clientsupport@stratifyd.com.


All business should be data driven, if you’re interested in seeing what Signals can do for you, get your free trial today at www.stratifyd.com

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