4 Best Ways to Actually Make Money on Twitch

Okay, so you’ve put a lot of work and passion into creating high-quality content and building a strong community on Twitch. Now, you’re thinking earning a few extra dollars doing what you love wouldn’t be too bad. The question is, how?

Luckily, making good money as a video game live streamer is no longer limited to partnered pro-gamers. We gathered the best options available, whether you’re starting out, or have been in the game for a while. Here’s a breakdown of how you can monetize your Twitch stream.


This is the most reliable and convenient source of income for broadcasters. As a Twitch Partner, loyal users can subscribe to your channel for $4.99 a month in exchange for access to special sub perks such as custom emotes, chatting privileges, ad-free viewing experience, etc. Keep in mind half of the profit from each subscription goes to Twitch, while you get to keep the other half.

Not partnered? No problem. Platforms like Patreon and Gamewisp are great alternatives to sub buttons, allowing viewers to make monthly contributions and help fund your ongoing content creation.

Streamer angrypug_ showcases his subscriber perks on his Twitch info panel.

To up your subscriptions, keep subscribers happy with awesome sub perks like chatting privileges, milestone-based rewards, and custom emotes.


Twitch viewers are loyal–and super generous. In 2016 alone, Twitch users donated $80.2 million to their favorite broadcasters. Donations are one of the most common ways for non-sponsored streamers to pull money from their channel. Viewers can reward streamers through common payment systems like PayPal, tipping apps such as Streamlabs, and Bits.

Twitch’s own currency, Bits can be used by any user to Cheer on partnered streamers. You can earn one cent per Bit used to Cheer for you. It may not seem like a lot but Twitch users spent at least $7.2 million on Cheering in 2016.

Here’s a tip: give viewers incentive to donate by providing benefits for donating certain amounts. You can recognize donors by adding a snazzy alert and sound on-screen whenever you receive a donation.

Affiliate Programs

You probably won’t make a living from affiliate programs alone, still, they can be a great source of additional revenue. How does it work? You sign up with a program, get a special coupon or link, and share it with your viewers. If a viewer uses your code/link to make a purchase they get a discount and you share the profit from that sale with the product’s company.

Though it can be as simple as adding a link to your stream and promoting it, here’s a suggestion: Make sure it’s unique. It is important that you’re always delivering value to your audience–even when you’re trying to sell them something. This is why we advise you put some thought into the affiliate products you choose to promote and make sure they’re products you actually vouch for and your audience finds interesting.

To get started, check out this comprehensive list of the most popular affiliate programs for Twitch streamers.

Awesome display of affiliate products on LiquidTLO’s Twitch info panel. Image via TwitchMeta.

Do Your Own Thing

You can sell anything on the internet. Seriously, if you’re providing something of value to your audience, it will sell. It could be anything from cool and funny T-shirts to one-on-one coaching sessions. Get creative and find something your audience will love.

Get Started Today

We hope you’ve found these tips useful in helping you start monetizing your Twitch stream. If you’re ready to land your first (or next) big sponsorship hit us up!

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