Meet Miss Kaitlin Orr: the CarnivOrr

With the metabolism of a college student she’s posting more than just meat.

How did you find yourself in this great city?

I’ve always loved New York, being from California. I imagined myself acting in plays here since I was a little girl. Even though I didn’t follow my acting aspirations I transferred to Barnard and got to NYC as soon as I could.

How did you decide to get into food?

I got my food sense from my parents. They were both into Yelp as soon as it came out. In fact, just recently my mom and I were on a road trip and found ourselves asking people in Philly where the best cheese steaks are. I call myself a food explorer. Because I just want to try it all and see what’s out there, in NY and beyond. Plus, being a college student, I have plenty of motivation to leave the dining hall.

Do you have any regular spots?

My goto place is Absolute Bagels. It’s the best in NY. I am so passionate about it that I will call my next dog Bagel and his first trick will be retrieving a bagel. Other than that, I love Levain Bakery. They have the biggest cookie. They are warm and gooey and delicious but I think each one has over 800 calories. It’s like impossible to eat a whole one in one sitting. I’m not going to lie… I have done it before.

What makes NYC special?

There are so many possibilities here. There are so many resources here. The are the coolest people here. I mean…I didn’t know that I would make friends by becoming a blogger but now I am part of this big foodie community. The people that run my personal favorite restaurants (that I don’t even post about) aren’t into awards, they just enjoy cooking good food.

What is your ideal Saturday night

I just want to stay in and have dinner. Relax on the couch and talk with my boyfriend. I still love going out and still make time to try restaurants on my own list. Sometimes though, it can feel like work going to restaurants so it’s fun for me to have a night off.

What is your “only in NYC “ story?

My boyfriend and I were at the theatre waiting for the movie to start when all of a sudden we hear this couple arguing with a middle-aged woman holding a bag of carrots. The woman was claiming the man (of the couple) touched her and the arguing went on and on. The manager came to get it under control but the woman refused to speak and then threw the mans coat across the room.

The cops finally came so she starts running around the theater dipping and dodging, all the while munching on this bag of carrots. She kept screaming, “I just want to watch my tv” The cop replied…”this is a public theater and are you eating carrots right now?” After they caught her we all got free tickets to another show, so in a way we got double the entertainment value.

What is your life philosophy?

I have a tendency worry about the small stuff. One of my new years resolutions is to think about the bigger picture while living in the moment, instead of worrying about the past or the future.