The Fascist To Do List: How do We Stack Up?

  1. Scapegoat people (minorities preferably). Check: Mexicans, Muslims, Transgenders, Jews, Liberals, Women, Blacks, Handicapped. Did we miss anyone?

2. Spread fear of outsiders. Check: Muslims, Iran, Europeans (except Neo Nazi Europeans), Canadians, Chinese.

3. Excoriate news media. Check: Pretty much all news sources except far right like Info Wars, Briebart, Fox. Special wrath extended towards CNN, NYT, Washington Post. And a special place in Hell for Bob Woodward.

4. Promote violence. Double Check: Beginning with campaign rallies (“Knock the crap outta him!”), hate crime statistics are up (see FBI figures). Targets, mainly Muslim.

5. Promote the return to a mythic past of “greatness.” Check! Make America Great Again! Like it was, er… in the 60's? 50's? 1890's?

6. Promote masculinity: Check! “Who wants to return to Man of the Year?” Or how about this one: “Its a scary time for young men!” (Because they might be convicted of rape if they…rape a woman…Although with this supreme court, who knows!)

7. Demand loyalty of our people: Check. James Comey. (did not turn out too well, tho’)

8. Publicize false charges of corruption while committing corruption: Check. Hilary. Mueller.

9. Grab pussies non-consensually. And brag about it. Check: Ok, that’s not specifically Fascist. But its not wholly unrelated (see promote masculinity above).

10. Um…

11. Er…

12. That’s it!