Micro Freight — Too Big for Cities to Ignore Any More

Here at StreetLight, we provide analytics for many projects aimed at analyzing commercial and freight vehicles. We support improved freight demand modeling, analyze internal/external routes, explore how trucks going freight hubs like ports move through cities, etc. See our blog for more use cases.

Micro Freight Moving to Cities

However, I think we, and our clients, are excluding one of the most important components of the modern freight ecosystem in 2016 — What I’ll call small, or “micro”, freight. “Micro freight” is the rising swarm of parcel deliveries done in light duty vehicles, of personal vehicles owned by Task Rabbit or UberEATS being used to transport goods to consumers homes and works, of restaurant delivery guys, of bicycle couriers making stops for Postmates, of CSA box deliveries in pick-up trucks, and more. A huge amount of goods is moving through our cities not via Medium/Heavy duty, fleet-owned trucks, not the trunks of our own cars, but in a new category: micro freight.

Check our CEO, Laura Schewel’s, Micro Freight Day here.

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