7 Signs Of A Highly Sensitive Child — Children Who Are Hyper-Sensitive

More recent medical research is starting to recognise the unique traits of a highly sensitive child or highly sensitive person. Especially with raised awareness and education on HSC with sensory processing challenges, those on the autism or aspergers spectrum.

So what are some common signs of a highly sensitive child or highly sensitive person

  • A Highly Emotional Child is often a highly sensitive child. Highly sensitive kids are highly empathic and are more likely to put other’s emotional needs before them-self. The sensitive child will often over-identify and/or take on other’s emotional pain. Especially as a HSP find’s it difficult to set healthy boundaries. This can seriously impact their mental, emotional and physical well-being.
  • The Easily Over-Stimulated Child is often a HSP. Highly sensitive children are more easily stimulated; noise, visuals, smells, touch, movement and taste. For some HSP’S sensory sensitivity can be extremely disabling, seriously impacting their life. Some can find specific noises extremely painful or uncomfortable or find the slightest touch intolerable.
  • The Child Who Is Seriously Disturbed Aggression, Violence. Many highly sensitive children will find even the slightest violence quite disturbing. So can be seriously upset or traumatised by horror movies or any violence on the TV.
  • A Child Who Suffers Irrational or Irrelevant Guilt is a common trait of the over sensitive child. Due to their highly empathic nature a HSC often finds it difficulty to identify their own emotions or challenges with others.
  • The People Pleasing Child - Highly sensitive people generally are people pleasers, often to their own detriment. Many HSP’s will go out of their way to be kind, please others as they don’t want to hurt others or cause conflict.
  • The Child Who Wants To Spend Time Alone - The sensitive child will usually need more time out and alone. Highly sensitive kids and teenagers need far more time away from other people and time to unplug from technology. Even if your child appears sociable and talkative. They may get over stimulated and burn-out very easily. This can sometimes appear as hyper or fun to be around, but is often over-stimulation or over-excitement.
  • The Child Who Is Highly Intuitive- HSP’s are usually very intuitive and are good judge of character. But because of deep compassion and empathy will often let their heart rule their head. It is important they learn to trust and be guided by their inner guidance.

Powerful Yet Simple Life Tools You Can Teach A Highly Sensitive Child

Highly sensitive children need calm and respite from the over stimulation and information over load of modern life. As a meditation teacher and stress expert I have witnessed for many years, the huge benefits highly sensitive children would get from the right meditation skills and the right relaxation techniques. As the right type of meditation helps one access inner calm and peace no matter what is happening around them.

My worked involved working many with children, teenagers with autism, aspergers and their parents. It is just as important that the highly sensitive child’s family learn to relax and manage their stress as the highly sensitive teenager or highly sensitive kid. FREE Guided Meditation for kids and Free Traditional Breath Meditation

Originally published at eileenburns.co.uk on December 29, 2017.