9 Signs Of A Highly Sensitive Person

Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?

According to a wide range of studies 15–20% of the people are regarded as highly sensitive. HSP Expert, Dr Elaine Aaron suggests that many people think they are highly sensitive when they are not.

In recent years research has stated being a highly sensitive person also known as being hypersensitive is not a dis-order or a weakness. Not a person who is emotionally unstable or emotionally immature. In-fact the Highly Sensitive Brain in an FMRI study displayed sensory processing sensitivity in response to others’ feelings. The highly sensitive person shows clear evidence that they are physiologically affected by the environment and the moods that surrounds us.

A clear explanation why many Highly Sensitive People struggle with many aspects of modern day living. Especially the issues around sensory and information overload. Which explains why so many HSP’s are more likely to suffer chronic anxiety, stress, exhaustion and other health related issues.

Being a highly sensitive person isn’t just about struggle, HSP’s have many needed gifts and skills. In many ways society needs the compassion and awareness of the HSP. Especially when so much of society encourages people to deny or suppress their emotions, their fear, pain and sensitivity.

The highly sensitive person often has greater intuition, wisdom, empathy and awareness of the inner world of the people and the world around them. Probaby the main reason many HSP’s are the carers, counsellors, healers, helpers, nurses, therapists …

But could also be the reason why so many in these helping and nurturing careers often suffer from some form of burn out.

Common Traits Of A Highly Sensitive Person

Highly Compassionate And Caring — most highly sensitive people care for others deeply. They are extremely compassionate it naturally oozes out of them. They are often so giving self care is often last on their list.

Highly Emotional — a highly sensitive person tends to appear more emotional, they cry more easily in situations, things and events not affected by others.

Highly Empathic -a highly sensitive person is usually highly empathic, easily affected by other people’s emotional and mental pain, fear or negativity

Highly Intuitive And Psychic — highly sensitive people tend to be more intuitive and psychic. Although many block their psychic abilities from a young age because of their own fear and other’s lack of understanding. They tend to have a strong inner knowing, especially about people they meet and situations around them.

Highly Spiritual — they are usually naturally attracted to various aspects of spirituality.

Many HSP’s Freeze Or Shutdown– Many HSP ’s shut down emotionally as children especially those that are empaths. Some life experiences and transitions can be quite traumatic. Many become very ungrounded, uncentred and not fully in their energetic body. They can demonstrate symptoms of high anxiety from very young.

Need More Time Out- Most HSP’s tends to need more time to swich off, unplug, relax, even sleep. Many HSP’s need more time of isolation to recover from information or sensory processing overload.

Struggle With Violence And Strong Negativity — The hypersensitive person often has a strong aversion to violent or negative media such as the news and tv.

Struggle To Function in Busy Environments — Many hsp can struggle to function or work in busy or noisey environments like call centres, busy office, factory even at school, college. Time away from their desk, owork environment, others to become re-focused and re-energised may be necessary.

So How Can A HSP Become More Resilient To Modern Day Life?

The Highly Sensitive Person usually has to work at being more boundaried and resilient. They often need to live a more simpler, stress free life. And learn how to balance their sensitive gifts with the harsher extremes of modern day living. So it is vital that HSP’s learns effective anxiety and stress management skills.

HSP’s need to learn how to become more ground and centred on a daily basis. The highly sensitive person is often more in their heart and spiritual realms or upper chakras than in their lower chakras. Their energy fields tends to be a lot more scattered as they easily absorb the energies around them.

I know as a HSP from as long as I can remember, how much more aware, intuitive and sensitive I was to my surroundings. And how greatly this impacted my life. Thankfully the most powerful skill I began using 25 years ago was meditation. As a trainer/ teacher in stress management for 18 years who has a very large tool box of tools and techniques. I still believe teaching someone how to access stillness in any moment of their every day life. Is the most powerful gift you can give anyone. Especially HSP’s who tends to take on other’s emotional thoughts, feelings and physical symptoms far too easily. The right style of meditation can help a HSP become more centred within their own energetic space. And be more aware of what energy, emotions belongs to those around them.

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Originally published at sensitivesoulscoach.com on May 26, 2018.