String Labs Grants for Open Chain Finance projects on Ethereum

String Labs
2 min readMay 20, 2016


At String Labs, we’re committed to building public and open blockchain finance systems/DAOs like global mirror asset system and our yet-to-be announced project on credit system (both runs on Ethereum public chain).

Open chain (a.k.a public blockchain) finance are crucial to unleashing the power of blockchain via true disintermediation. Unlike private or federated chains that mostly optimize for financial incumbents, open chain finance directly help end users around the world to send value, invest or borrow via smart contracts or DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), including anyone in the 2.5 billion un/underbanked who has a $4 smartphone. This will further inspire a new wave of smart contract developers to reimagine finance.

Today we’re excited to announce a Grants Program for open chain finance projects to further support community initiatives. We welcome innovative finance project proposals globally to apply for a grant between $2,000 to $10,000 per project. In addition, if it’s directly related to our autonomous finance DAO (mirror asset / credit system), future DAO tokens would be considered.

Guidelines / Criterias

  • Open source under MIT or similar licenses, and designed to run on Ethereum public chain.
  • Clear deliverables for next 6-12 months. Strong plus for projects with existing code or research paper.
  • The grant will not take any equity or commercial interest in your project.
  • Good examples of proposals we’re interested in: Financial exchange clients, mobile wallet, peer-to-peer DApp store, innovative financial protocols, etc.
  • We have a nice office space in Mountain View, California (Silicon Valley) that we encourage grant winners to utilize/co-work with our team with rent covered, but also open to any international applicants.

First batch of grants deadline will be Jun 31st, 2016. Each grant will be reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis.

What should a proposal describe?

  • The project’s goal, scope and how it is better than a centralized financial application equivalent (if exists)
  • Team member’s relevant coding, research experiences and Github repo
  • The amount of funding requested ($2k — $10k)
  • Communication channels on updates

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