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The faux-outraged, reactionary responses he got are emblematic of everything wrong with identity politics. Anyone should be able to say any word, the context should be all that matters. Everyone who gave him shit on twitter knows he’s not racist and knows exactly who and what he was satirizing. But because he said the magic word everyone completely ignores the meaning and crucifies him. Why? What harm did he cause?

Questions: If he had starred out some of the letters (ni**a) would everyone have been fine with that?

If he had written “homie” instead everyone certainly would have been fine with that. Right?

He has certainly written both the ‘a’ and ‘er’ versions of the word hundreds of times as lines of dialogue in scripts. Why is that not problematic?

If a white dude tweeted “Only black people can say nigga” how would that go over?

Is a white person just referring to the word and not even actually using it ok? Example: “David Simon sparked controversy by tweeting the word nigga.”

I’ve never seen black people get mad at white dudes at concerts for saying it while rapping/singing along. Are they actually not fine with that? Does the black/white ratio in the crowd factor in?

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