Stringify Now Connects with Rainforest

Stringify now supports Rainforest Automation’s EAGLE Energy Gateway. The EAGLE wirelessly connects to your smart meter and provides real-time electricity pricing and usage information, allowing you to monitor and take control of your energy consumption in the palm of your hand. The EAGLE has been validated by utilities in several states, including California, Texas, Illinois, Vermont, Pennsylvania, as well as BC Hydro in Canada, and several utilities in Australia.

See what’s happening with your home’s energy — a real time view
Look at what’s been driving up your bill

With Stringify, you can set up Flows to alert you if you’re using too much power or even turn down your connected thermostat based on current pricing!

Suggested Flows

Get the Flow:

Energy usage and price alert
WHEN the energy usage is above 2,000W,
ONLY IF the price is above 20cents per kWh,
THEN send me a push notification.

Get the Flow:

Power Price Surges

WHEN Price rises above 18 cents per kWh,
AND the room temperature is below 76 Fahrenheit degrees, 
THEN raise the thermostat by 2 Fahrenheit degrees, 
AND send me a push notification.

Get the Flow:

Power price drop

WHEN the cost goes below 16 cents per kWh,
THEN send me a push notification.

Follow this link to find out if your utility company supports the Rainforest EAGLE:

For a limited time, you can get 10% off on your next Rainforest purchase. Enter promo code: SFPROM10 at checkout. Offer ends on November 13th at midnight PT. Buy the Rainforest EAGLE on Amazon for U.S. customers and for BC Hydro customers.

Follow Rainforest Automation @rfadevices for more energy saving tips.

The Stringify Team