“The Stroll Live” Goes Live in Geneva, Switzerland on Tuesday, 23rd August…

Hi Guys, so like most of you already know, because I’ve been literally bombarding everyone’s timeline on Facebook and Instagram with pictures from the World Economic Forum’s Annual Curators Meeting in Geneva, yes, I’m here in Europe for the first time. WEF really had become a huge part of my international life, seeing that the two occasions I have travelled out of Nigeria have been for WEF events.

Anyway, besides experiencing and engaging with the over 300 curators from all the regions of the world, I will also be doing something really exciting in Geneva in the coming week…now wait for it.

I will be running the first live episode of “The Stroll Live”—since we rebranded from “The Stroll” to “The Stroll Live”, and guess who I am strolling with?

Live from the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland ladies and gentlemen my guest on Tuesday, 23rd August 2016 is the Director General, United Nations Office Geneva, Mr Michael Moller!!! Yayyy, Awesome.

My conversation with Mr Moller will be streamed live on Facebook—which means you too can join in from anywhere around the world. And of course, we will be hosting together, you and I.

Don’t be shy to send me your questions or the issues you will like me to raise with DG Moller. I’m on Whatsapp and Telegram, +2348073244817. You know in the past when I’ve met with these global leaders who have previously been guests on “The Stroll’ to discuss the future, their work, and their responsibility to develop their communities, one key ingredient missing from my conversation with them is actually input from young people whom most of these discussions are primarily geared towards reaching.

But, this a new era right? So let’s do this, guys. Let’s do this! The link to join the conversation on Tuesday morning (09:30GMT) is, fb.me/livestroll.

You have between today and Monday, August 22nd to send me your questions.

The link again is fb.me/livestroll

See ya ☺