My (super-healthy) morning routine!

I am writing this article on a beautiful Thursday morning. A time when I take it easy, write a couple of blogs and just relax. But this is a special day with sunny weather (a rare commodity in the Netherlands) and a high temperature of 9 degrees which will climb up to 12!

My significant other and I will be visiting the lovely town of Leiden which is about 2 hours from where we currently reside. So it was quite important for me to start the day right so here’s what I did:

6:00 Usual wake up time

Snoozed until I was able to get up. I don’t need to go to work today but I also do not like sleeping in longer than usual unless I had to stay up late (due to some special occasion).

6:30–7.00 Get up

Got some herbs and supplements in my system and a lot of water! (Eletheuro, NAC and Milk Thistle). On Thursdays, I usually fast which means I do not eat until 12:00 (starting from 19:00 of the previous day) but today it will be a very different and active day.

7:10 Get some work done

Nothing fancy…I wrote a couple of emails and then allowed inspiration to pour out of me in the form of blogs in order to educate and help others.

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by Nick Sigma CWC, EH, E-YRT200

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