The Best Fitness Program You’re Not Doing

I get asked how many times you should train per week? Heavy weights or light weights? Cardio or Crossfit? Low carb or low fat? Paleo or keto? I could go on, but….

It all doesn’t matter. One thing matters above all else. Adherence!

All training will get you results if you do the most important thing. Adhere to it. The best program is the one you will adhere to. So you should be asking yourself what it is that YOU want. What are you passionate about? Design your program around that and you will succeed.

A mental shift will take place once you start to get the results you want. And you will only get these results by adhering to something. You will set a platform for continual progress. Instead of focusing on the end results or goals, direct your attention to your actions and behaviours. Everyone says they are willing to do what it takes, but their actions tell a different story. Adherence is not a theoretical concept. It’s about getting it done. Over and over.

Want an example? I’ll talk about Crossfit because it certainly divides those that love it and those that loathe it. Do I think it’s the best way to get stronger, leaner and more muscular (or “toned” for you ladies reading)? No. But I will contradict myself right now by saying that for most newbies it probably is. Why? Because it will be cost effective (more so than Personal Training), you will receive guidance and instruction in executing a large range of exercises, you will be part of a group/community, and your performances will be measured with ambitions to improve each and every time. It’s not over complicated. It focuses you on progress. And most importantly, if you’re someone that loves Crossfit and adheres to the training methodology, you will get results. It’s that simple.

The person who is constantly exploring the “best” diet and training program, but fails to actually DO anything consistently, will not get results. Sounds obvious, but yet I keep hearing people talk and even argue about the best course of action — the same people that will not follow through with anything. Why do I keep getting asked about the minor details from those who won’t even show up? These people are looking for a shortcut — a magic system — or they’re waiting for the perfect method. Stop thinking and start doing! Do what you can and promise yourself to always strive for progress. If you do this, I promise you will learn everything you need to know along the way.