Driver Struggles and US Open Chat

Hello, all, it’s me, Struggle Golfer. I now have 14 rounds in the books, one of which was a scramble and thus not a real round, but I’m keeping at it. My USGA handicap sits at 12.2 with a trend of 11.3L (this means that unless I play another round before 6/15, my new handicap will be 11.3). I posted a picture of the M2 above because that is my newest club and it’s ruining my rounds. It’s not the club’s fault, though, my driver swing is erratic and frankly frustrating. When I put a good swing on it, it goes far. I just seem to have a big problem with squaring the club face at impact. I had a great swing thought that I neglected to use last round with the driver. Sometimes you end up in this mental fog during a round and then realize afterwards that you’re an idiot and should just simplify things.

Here’s the swing thought: finish the swing with the right shoulder pointed at the target. In my last two rounds, I’ve cost myself about 12 strokes by not getting the driver in play. Those rounds were 91 at The Wilds, and 87 at Stonebrooke. I am pretty much money from within 120 yards right now, which is great, but if I’m assessing myself penalty shots and trying to get up and down from 90 yards, that makes for an aggravating round, especially when I make about 20% of those 10–15 foot par putts. I’ve had at least 1 birdie in my last three full rounds (a testament to the wedge practice), so the low numbers are coming, I just need to get that driver straightened out. So next round, I will remind myself off the tee to finish with the right shoulder at the target, and I should see some way better results.

I’ve been saying it all year, but my game is on the precipice of where I want it to be. Early in the year, it was everything that was a little wayward, now I’ve reigned in my new Callaway XR irons (which are awesome, btw), I throw darts from 100 and in, and my putting, though somewhat inconsistent, is at least decent. I’ve been pretty horrible out of greenside bunkers this year, so I need work there, but I haven’t been in the sand enough to worry too much about it. It really is the driver that has been letting me down. I need to go to the range and be that guy who hits 40 drivers and get that shit straightened out.

Enough about me, though, the US Open is this weekend, and Oakmont is apparently the toughest course of all time (according to everything I’ve read from the pros), so it should make for an interesting Championship. I don’t really see any no-names making it big this weekend. If I were a betting man, I’d take Dustin Johnson at 15–1, but it’s always an adventure for him. The thing about Oakmont is you need to hit it long and place it in the fairway. Good, long ballstrikers should be in the mix this week. I don’t really like Jordan Spieth because his driver has been erratic this season and Rory has had an inconsistent year. Jason Day is an obvious favorite, as he bombs it high and straight. I’d say he, DJ, Sergio, and Henrik Stenson have a great chance this week. My dark horse would be Paul Casey at 60–1, who has returned to the form he had about 8–10 years ago. I’m ultimately going to say this is Dust-on-my-Johnson’s time, and he will hoist the US Open Trophy. That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll try to check in more often, nerds.