Four Years Later - Indicator Ventures

In 2014, Ben, Geoff and I began our Indicator Ventures journey with a mission to invest in technology companies that make the world a more efficient place. More than this, we loved spending time with the entrepreneurs themselves, a select group of brave and inspiring leaders who strive to solve larger-than-life problems. And although there were so many great ideas out there, we made a conscious effort to focus on a handful of new investments per year — enough where we could spread the risk, but not too many where we’d lose our ability to make a meaningful impact.

Fast forward four years and we’ve accomplished more than we could have ever dreamed. We built a top-performing fund comprised of portfolio companies that have recently been acquired by Facebook, Cimpress (Vistaprint), Newell Brands (Rubbermaid), and OpenX. Our companies have added efficiencies to the way we recruit talent, construct and design buildings, train computers, publish stories, send snail mail and provide customer service. Some leverage frontier technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality and robotics to ultimately save an enormous amount of time and money for customers. We span dozens of industries like healthcare, media, financial services, manufacturing, HR and Esports and we’re just scratching the surface.

This Thanksgiving we were especially thankful for all of our entrepreneurs who work tirelessly and constantly inspire us, for our LPs who entrusted us with their capital and have been fantastic partners, for our co-investors with whom we share the boardroom and cap table, and of course for our Indicator Ventures team. We look forward to many, many more years of learning, growing, delivering great returns and doing what we love.

Michelle, David, Geoff, Ben and me