We let you down. Let us make amends.

Recently, a blip in our Skyscanner product led to us letting a user down.

With the permission of those involved, I’d like to highlight what happened.

Following an experiment with baggage fees, a user, Natalie, found that this was not honoured by the airline. This was our mistake, so we refunded the fees. However, we were also then made aware of the reason this person was travelling; it was a trip to support a charity set up following the loss of their teenage son, Jacob. It is a wonderful charity supporting children in poverty in Gambia.


Vladimir and the Skyscanner team set to work, organising collections of books, shoes and clothes from our Edinburgh and Glasgow offices. Over a short period of time, 7 boxes were sent to Natalie, with the attached letter:

Natalie’s response was wonderful and heart-warming:

“Thank you so so much for organizing the wonderful surprise for me and Jacob’s goal. I can’t begin to tell you how much it means to me, I was so overwhelmed by the generosity of it all and by the end of reading your lovely letter I was in tears. Can you please pass on my gratitude to the whole team? Thank you so much for the amazing PayPal donation it will cover all the shipping plus a lot, lot more .

The main school we are working with is Pakalinding lower basic school in Soma and they currently are using a very small room as their library. They have a large classroom that is in disrepair and I was hoping that we would be able to refurbish this classroom and use it as a library and an all-inclusive learning centre, so every child regardless of their abilities can access education and work at their own level in order to reach their potential. This is an ambitious endeavour but your donation is going to help me to achieve this and for that I thank you and the team so much, I will be posting updates on Facebook but I would also like to send you additional photos/updates to you via email if I may?

You were right when you say Jacob was a special son. He was always my “little boy” and meant everything to me and I miss him so much, but by doing this project and keeping his name living on through positively changing children’s future in the Gambia.

Once again thank you so much Vladimir.

Kind regards and gratitude,​

Natalie and Paul”

Well done Vlad and the Skyscanner team. I’m proud to call these people my colleagues and friends. Please visit the Facebook page and support Jacob’s GOAL. https://www.facebook.com/JacobsOrchardsAndLibraries/

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