The Democrat’s Non Sequitur

It’s plausible that Hillary Clinton did not give a concession speech in the early hours of November 9 because she did not have one prepared — that she was so confident of a landslide victory that she didn’t need one. The Washington Post was similarly confident as evidenced by their Oct 24 column “Donald Trump’s Chances of Winning are Approaching Zero”.

The Clinton campaign banked on the tried-and-true game plan of racial grievance mongering and identity politics to carry them through to victory. A large part of their strategy was to accuse their deplorable opponents of racism, sexism, homophobia, and islamophobia in order to delegitimize and silence them.

What they didn’t count on is that millions of Americans would just shrug it off. They didn’t see that false accusations of bigotry are finally losing their sting. And now, the shock of Trump’s stunning upset has seemingly rendered them apoplectic to the point of being **completely illogical**.

How else to explain the non-sequitur that the Republicans have no mandate because Clinton would have won the game if it had been played a **completely different way**? The fact that there’s no logical basis for their conclusion doesn’t seem to bother them.

Perhaps the fact that there are millions of conservative Californians and New Yorkers who don’t bother to cast a vote hasn’t occurred to them. Perhaps it has escaped their attention that many of those Fox News hosts they love to hate are New Yorkers. Do they think that Trump just might have campaigned heavily in California, New York, and Illinois if US presidential elections were determined by a popular vote?

Imagine a losing baseball team complaining that they should be considered the victors because they had more hits even though their opponents scored more runs. How much sense would this make? Consider how the game would be played if the number of hits determined the winner. No batter would want to be walked. Every pitch would be an impossible-to-hit ball. Batters would swing at everything. There would be no need for bases, base-running, or strategy. Every game would resemble a very boring session of batting practice.

A losing baseball team who refused to accept defeat by claiming that they would have won a completely different game would be illogical sore losers — just like today’s Democrats.