I have a big issue besides not being able to write a story properly.

We were married in 2014. I love him. I love him a lot. The problem is that I have been in love with someone else since high school. Everybody knows it. We just could never get it together. I am now married and I have a child with someone else and the h.s one is divorced and with somebody else. We were actually having sex before I got married and that turned into a cluster*uck when we got caught.

I am back in contact with him again. I don’t know what is going to happen here. We were best friends for a long time. I remember one day we were sitting on the bleachers in the gym and he said “all you have to do is tell me” and I didn’t say a word because I was with someone else but HE is the one that I wanted to be with.

If my husband finds out that we are speaking again and if his gf finds out…..it will be REALLY, REALLY BAD. I don’t want anyone to be hurt but we can never stay away from each other but we can’t seem to get the right time to commit to each other. I am so lost right now.

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