Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship CO-OP 2.0: StudIoT

May 9, 2016 · 6 min read
StudIoT at the 2016 Legacy Conference
Arsenic Biosensor prototype co-developed with Ph.D. student Martin Pothier

In a venture, your idea defines who you are. But with apprenticeships, YOU define who you are.

Visiting an IoT aquaponics micro-farm in Casselman, ON
StudIoT team
IoT-powered Programmable LED Waterfall — a StudIoT art-tech installation!
StudIoT is a student-led venture that focuses on development and implementation of IoT connected devices.


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StudIoT develops and implements innovative IoT solutions using open-source hardware and software. Affiliated with @uottawaehub #IoT #opensource

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