TedxJax Into the Machine Digital Amplification

1. The message at TedxJax was to amplify good ideas digitally and be a catalyst for innovation and curated knowledge. Watching the conference live through YouTube created connectivity and was interactive through communication online. The content was engaging and I enjoyed following via twitter and joining the conversation.

2. The dialogue was thoughtful and reflected perspective from viewers in the audience along with those watching via YouTube. The video stream gave global viewers a front row seat to be present for dynamic ideas shared at TedxJax.

3. I enjoyed sharing content relating to Photographer Jennifer Adler, @aMermaidlife, and her talk on the intersection of photography and science to showcase the Florida aquifer and the connectivity of the springs. I was delighted to interact with her through twitter!

4. The TedxJax conversation focused around the strength imagery holds to educate and inspire people to notice, and tweeting can spread important stories with images. Social media is a strong tool for connectivity, demonstrated by the connections I’ve made by live tweeting.

5. Gathering relevant imagery, hashtags and text for timely tweeting is a challenge and I would plan to construct more structured tweets in advance for events that have a brisk pace.