What you need to know when live Tweeting.

After live Tweeting the 4 GOP Debates. I have come up with a set of 5 rules to follow.

  1. Retweet facts: Instead of taking time to tweet “Trump says Carly is a beautiful woman #GopDebate #CNNDebate” rewteet someone else saying it, and use your time to offer original content. I also like to rewteet other people’s opinion that I support. It’s a way of giving them credit for a thought or joke.

2. Offer opinions. Laying out the facts in nice, but it doesn’t spark conversation or engagement

3. Quote Tweets: Retweets are nice, and replying is nice, but what’s really nice is quoting a tweet. It gets your in the conversation, and gives your tweet more context to followers outside the conversation.

4. Like Tweets. If you give people a little heart they are more inclined to give you a little heart back, and can even inspire replies, and a follow.

5. Be funny, when applicable of course. At the end of the day this is Twitter, it’s okay to let your hair down a bit.

My beat allows me to be more opinionated, so maybe these rules don’t apply to all, but I feel that these lead to a successful live tweeting experience.