Why Your Company should be Using Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram and Tumblr

Smartphone cameras are altering the way that millennials tell their stories and formulate their identities while communicating with one another.

Baby boomers generally took pictures to perpetuate significant memories. However, millennials are taking many more photos and video and communicating through those photos and video on different social media network channels.

Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest arrived on the social scene after Facebook and Twitter. Despite that, they promptly made their marks, eminently among millennials.

A few people might think Snapchat is only for millennials who want to send selfies, but the truth is the popular service offers an array of value. It has progressed from a service with auto destructed photos and video, towards a venue where you can watch series of videos from cities or events, called Stories, and catch up on news from several major sites, including CNN and NBA.

Visual content is no longer something that makes your marketing stand out. It is required. To meet the needs and expectations of your audience and customers, brands are building a more visual content on the social and mobile channels. By creating personalized images with a focus point on creative, exclusive experiences, brands can engage, inspire, and fascinate visually.

Today, brands need to pay more attention and use originality and innovation to connect with their targeted audiences on these visual social networks that are most important, specifically Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat.

According to a study from Pew Research Center, conducted in March and April among 1,907 adults, Pinterest and Instagram usage has doubled since 2012. The study states: “In terms of user engagement, the proportion of Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn users who use each respective site daily has increased significantly since September 2014. Fully 59% of Instagram users, 27% of Pinterest users and 22% of LinkedIn users visit these platforms daily”

Businesses and brands who share their story on same channel as millennials will be best-positioned to guarantee that their story is converted into a story of their target audience.

Two good examples of brands using these social media channels to engage with their audience, disseminate content, and even advertise their products are: The Florida Lottery Instagram account and Pura Vida Bracelets Pinterest account.

The Florida Lottery uses their Instagram account to create contests, engage with their audience, and promote their products and winners. Always using high quality visual content.

Pura Vida Bracelets uses Pinterest to reinforce the brands vision, promote their product, and reinforce their audience lifestyle.

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