Links roundup, 20th March

Well, it’s likely been a short week for most of you, so we’ll keep this next instalment of our series fairly short too! Like in our last post, we’ll be sharing some of the things we’ve been reading in our downtime, interesting videos or articles we’ve come across, and resources we think you could use. We’d love to add your contributions too, so please do send us your links via social media or our website,

First off, for anyone who didn’t make the PSI EGG conference in NUIG, here’s Brian Hughes’ keynote, “The Point of Psychology and How it Gets Missed”.

For the week that’s in it: The Irish language has had quite an impact considering the size of the country. A testament to the wanderings of the Irish people, especially given the amount of New York slang that came from the diaspora there.

For those currently studying, second semester deadlines are starting to hit, projects are coming to an end, so it’s a great time to think about how best to present your work. Even if you’re not studying, these tips can really help you get your ideas across when you have to.

And finally, Overly Honest Methods. The hashtag’s still active, and well worth a read, whether you’re a disillusioned scientist or not!

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