An Urgent Message for Parents

By Public School Parent and StudentsFirstNY Senior Organizer DeWayne Murreld

Mayor de Blasio has started sending hundreds of ineffective educators from the Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR) pool back into schools across the city — and he’s doing it without telling parents where these teachers will end up.

As a father of three in Brooklyn, I’m worried these ATR teachers will get placed in my kids’ schools. I’m not the only one who is concerned. Last week, I joined 200 parents and pastors on the steps of City Hall to tell Mayor de Blasio that forcing ineffective teachers into our classrooms is wrong and will hurt our children.

The New York Times describes some of the teachers the Mayor thinks deserve to be back in our schools. One ATR teacher was removed for “incompetence, insubordination and neglect of duties.” Another was consistently rated unsatisfactory. About 40% came from schools that were closed for failing to deliver for students, and one-third were removed because of a legal or disciplinary case.

Our students need stellar teachers, not ones who have been removed from schools and who no principal has wanted to hire. As parents, we can’t stand by while the Mayor protects the jobs of adults at the expense of our children. We need to be on the lookout and sound the alarm if teachers from the ATR pool end up in our kids’ classrooms.

Join parents across New York and tell Mayor de Blasio that sending teachers from the ATR back into the classroom is wrong and harmful to our students.

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