Complete US History Curriculum

Over the years, I’ve added so many lessons to my Complete US History Curriculum that it grew too big to be hosted online (over 1.6 GB!!). As a result, it was only available on a USB Drive that I would mail out.

However, file size limits were recently upped on TpT to 1GB. Still not big enough to hold ALL my American History resources, BUT enough to break the curriculum up in 2 !

As a result, I created 2 new Complete Curriculum packages for US History! These are:

US History Part 1

This first half US History set includes over 300 resources and covers Exploration through the end of Reconstruction. There are 10 full units of activities:

US History Part 2

This digital download covers The Gilded Age through to Modern America and includes almost 400 total teaching resources and 9 Complete Units:

Both packages also include my popular Daily Warm Up Activities for US History along with amazing resources like:

Best of all, these 2 downloads give you free updates for life! Every new resource that I add in the future for US History will get added to these 2 bundles. That means more Google Classroom activities, projects, interactive notebooks, and more!

These resources are thorough, rigorous, and hyper-engaging. Your students will love your class and you’ll finally have time to devote to their needs instead of stressing about planning.

Thanks so much for checking them out!