Complete World History Curriculum

Originally, I was only able to share my Complete World History Curriculum through a USB drive I mailed out. However TpT increased their file size limits, so you can now download over 800 of the most engaging, interactive activities for World History available anywhere — over 1.5 GB of resources!

The World History Curriculum is split into 2 parts:

Read on for details about what’s included in each curriculum set!

World History 1

All of the following units are included with the World History 1 package:

Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt 
★ Ancient China and the Indus River Valley

Ancient Greece 
Ancient Rome 
The Byzantine Empire 
Islamic Civilizations 
Classical India and Asia 
Europe’s Middle Ages 
★ Mesoamerica and African Civilizations (Unit bundle coming soon!)
The Renaissance and Reformation 
World Religions

World History 2

This set includes almost 500 total resources, including all of the following units:

The Renaissance and Reformation 
Age of Exploration 
Europe’s Absolute Monarchs 
★ The Enlightenment

The French Revolution
★ Nationalism in Europe & Latin America
The Industrial Revolution 
World War 1 and the Interwar Period 
World War 2 
The Holocaust and Genocides 
The Cold War 
World Religions 
★ The Modern World (Unit Bundle Coming Soon)

Each unit includes lesson materials for 5–12 days, with multiple activities to use each day. They’re all perfectly numbered for you to easily plan your units out and implement each resource.

Activities in Both Curricula

Both the World 1 and World 2 Curricula downloads are filled with engaging activities, including:

Interactive Notebook Pages
Digital Google Drive Notebooks
Project Based Learning
Primary Source Activities
Daily Warm Up Activities
★ Plus, magic portraits, review games, a syllabus, midterm, final exam, and much, much, much more!

Even better, both sets are growing bundles with new resources being added all the time. As the units grow with new materials, these will be updated, so you’ll get a lifetime of updates and new resources!

I promise, you will not be able to find a more in-depth and engaging World History Curriculum anywhere. Save yourself frustration, time, and sanity by having your entire curriculum planned out so you can focus all your energy on your students!

You can download both here:

Thanks so much for checking these out!!