Free Worksheets for Social Studies

I’ve been teaching both World and US History for just over 12 years and in that time have developed hundreds and hundreds of activities for my students.

When I first started teaching, I was provided no resources and just a textbook and bare-bones curriculum to work with. As a result, I was forced to create my own lessons to engage students.

I created activities that were both rigorous and engaging for students. I wanted students to enjoy history class and develop a passion for learning more.

Several years ago, I started to better organize all the resources I had created. I organized them all in order by day to use them throughout each unit. Then, I cleaned them up, added answer keys, examples, and directions.

I wanted teachers in the same position I was in my first year to have lots of engaging activities, worksheets, and lessons to choose from for their classes.

The result is my website There are both World and US History subscriptions available for teachers or homeschooling parents that provide over 500 amazing activities for students to use.

I also created a page of some free sample worksheets and the option to download more free activities through an email sign up.

You can enter your email on the free samples page to get sample interactive notebooks, Google Drive digital notebooks, primary source readings, PowerPoints, and more sent to you.

I promise, these are the highest quality, most engaging activities you can find for teaching World and US History.

Thanks so much for stopping by and please let me know if you have any questions!