Google Classroom Activities for US History

This amazing digital download features 17 sets of fully-editable digital interactive pages on all of American History through Google Drive! There are over 150 pages of activities in all!

Based on traditional Interactive Notebook Pages, these Google Apps pages feature new activities that can be completed all online with laptops, tablets, or any other device that supports Google Drive!

Students type directly on the pages, insert images, and drag & drop information for a variety of engaging, interactive activities. Most pages include links to online readings or websites that students use to learn about the content.

These digital notebooks are a fantastic way to integrate technology into your classroom and can be completed without printing any paper! Awesome for a 1:1 school or just a trip to the computer lab.

In this Complete American History package, you get all 17 of these complete resources are included in this download:

US History Part 1
The 13 Colonies
The American Revolution
The Constitution & Convention
The Early Republic
The Age of Andrew Jackson
Manifest Destiny
The Civil War

US History Part 2
The Gilded Age
The Progressive Era
American Imperialism
World War 1
The Roaring 20's
The Great Depression
World War 2
The Civil Rights Movement
The Cold War

You can click on each link above for a detailed preview of that unit. If you don’t think you need the complete set, each unit can be downloaded individually.

All of the units include between 8 and 12 pages of activities based on state standards.

Answer keys for all the pages are always included along with 2 pages of teacher directions. All you only need is a Google account and you’re ready to go!

Thanks so much for looking!

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