Interactive Notebooks for World & US History

In my years of teaching, I found that students are more more engaged with their learning if they can interact with a topic as much as possible and use their own creativity to organize information.

I found the best way to use this is with interactive notebooks. These highly creative pages allow students to manipulate graphic organizers in ways that help they visualize important concepts.

My students use these for both World and US History and we will usually work on a page toward the end of class and then students can spend more time on it at home to really show off their artistic creativity.

Each unit set that I have available for download includes 10–15 pages for students to work on plus pictures of completed pages like you can see here.

Once I started using these, I found my engagement and comprehension levels went way up and students were obviously spending quite a bit of time at home working on them. They enjoyed the opportunity to connect their own interests and skills with the content we were covering.

The next day, students would share their pages with each other at the beginning of class and compare the info they included. That would also give me a chance to check their work (because I hated to have to collect and check notebooks).

You can access all 100+ pages for either World or US History with s subscription to my site: That also gives you immediate access to 500+ resources for each curriculum, videos, websites, and resources for every day of the school year! Free sample materials are available for each curriculum as well.

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