Thomas Jefferson PowerPoint

This is a wonderful PowerPoint on Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency! The PowerPoint gives an in-depth overview of Jefferson, his presidency, the Louisiana Purchase, the Election of 1800, and much more.

Each visually engaging slide includes simple notes for students to understand the concept and connect with the material.

Slides include information on

★ Jefferson’s Inaugural Address

★ The Barbary Wars

★ The Louisiana Purchase

★ Lewis & Clark’s expedition to the West

★ The Supreme Court’s Marbury v. Madison decision

★ The Embargo Act of 1807

★ Jefferson’s legacy, and more!

Plus the PowerPoint also includes an embedded YouTube video on the election of 1800, a warm up activity to get students started at the beginning of class, and concluding exit ticket!

This PowerPoint can also be downloaded as part of the Complete Early American History Unit Plan and with this bundle, you also get a printable guided notes worksheet to go along with it! .

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