Scott Stands up For Military and Veterans

Come November, important elections will take place all over the country. As a young person newly entering society, it’s a really exciting time. I’m voting for the first time, learning about politicians, and finding my voice and learning what issues I care about and who can best represent what I believe in.

My name’s Megan and I’m currently a sophomore at San Diego State University studying international security and conflict resolution. After I finish my education, I plan on following the path of several of my family members and joining the United States Army. When deciding which congressional candidate I wanted to support here in San Diego, the question was a no-brainer. Scott Peters not only has a strong record of supporting veterans, but he consistently stands up for the United States military as a whole and San Diego’s large military presence and community in particular.

Scott Peters is really invested in our country’s national security. Scott serves on the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) and works on oversight and legislation in regards to our country’s national defense.

In addition to supporting our active duty military, Scott also cares a lot about helping out veterans. Scott wants to get every veteran a job, end veteran homelessness in San Diego, and make sure that all veterans have access to quality healthcare. He also introduced the bill to make June National Post- Traumatic Stress Awareness month. Scott’s dedication to helping members of the military shows consistently through his career.

Scott also cares about making college more accessible for veterans. He wants to increase the amount of options that veterans have when choosing a college and offer student veterans more resources on campus.

Since I am planning on joining the Army after college, it’s really important to me to elect someone to Congress that will support our military’s mission and make a strong effort to support veterans after they get out of the military.