How I Became an Artist
Noah Bradley

Thank you for this article! Really thank you!
Sometimes I tell myself that I should give up. Especially when my art school teachers don’t help me at all (or sink me). In France, I noticed that in the University, if you wanted to learn how to draw, to paint… It was necessary to learn how to do by yourself. So, that’s what I do. With very few resources. And my teachers always make me hurtful remarks when they see my work (without any advice to improve it… of course). It’s like that in France. This is my experience. In two different art universities.
But I will not let go. I always made art. Always. And I don’t care if I don’t become the most famous artist in the world, I just want to make art and be able to think that I do it well. To be proud of me would already be a great reward. It could be possible without my teachers…
Today I work for me (to improve myself), and for those who like what I do. I am looking for a teacher job because I don’t want other students encounter the problems I encountered. With this work I could continue to make art. It’s my dream for now. A small dream because I have to relearn how to dream … So I agree with you : it’s better to avoid art schools if it’s possible. I graduated and all that this diploma brought to me it’s to be depressed.
We should read more articles like yours. Thank you and thank you again!
And your work is wonderful !
PS: I’m sorry, as I said, I am French and my English sucks. Of course :D

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