5 Reasons Why Explainer Videos Are The Business

1. Videos make your crazy complicated product or service easy to understand

Ok this is an obvious one, but being able to describe and explain your complex product or service, with the additional support of sound and video, gives your consumers a better understanding of what you do.

2. Google will love you

The longer your site’s visitors stick around, the higher your SEO rankings. A 1 to 2 minute video will insure that visitors to your site stay on just that extra little bit longer.

3. Videos are fun

Lets face it, we’d all prefer to just look at the pictures if we had the choice. Videos inform and entertain your viewer at the same time. Win win!

4. Videos are easier to share

Videos save reporters the hassle of having to decipher what you do and explain it to others. An added bonus here is that you get to make sure that things are explained the way you like, every time.

5. People will feel all warm and fuzzy

Consumers are more deeply engaged when watching a video than when they are when just reading or looking at pictures. This allows for a more human, meaningful and emotional connection with your audience.

Nuff said, explainer videos are the business. Keen to get one for yours? Give us a shout at Studio Bolland. www.studiobolland.com | jess@studiobolland.com

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