The experience of your digital products is what defines your brand.

The connected world has shifted behaviours and transformed expectations. As consumers, we’re faced with more choice, more powerful technology and more immersive experiences than ever before. In this world, the experience of your digital products is what defines your brand.

Switched-on brands — those that understand the importance of embracing a digital mindset to succeed in today’s world — are disrupting their sectors and dancing to the rhythm of fast-changing demands. They’re not just responding to the future, they’re creating it — by continually pushing boundaries and challenging themselves to adapt to the unknown ahead of their competitors.

Airbnb put…

The adoption of commercial trends from across the Atlantic is nothing new. But the pervasiveness of Black Friday isn’t just laughably dumb, it’s robbing the British of our true identity — as violent drunks.

As I left for work this morning, my wonderful wife tore herself away from her phone to ask a question loaded with hidden meaning. “Do we need anything from Black Friday today?” My reply was an emphatic, “No!”

But as I walked to the station, my body buffeted by Storm Angus, my mind was pounded by wave after wave of doubt. ‘Do we need anything from Black Friday? Christmas is terrifyingly close and I haven’t thought of anything expensive enough to demonstrate the depth of love I have for my family. We can’t be foolish enough to think we’ll make…

Official flag of the Refugee Nation by Yara Said

The IOC is finally starting to embrace the modern world — now it’s time to open up the Olympic brand

Sixteen glorious days after they opened, the Rio 2016 Olympic Games have closed. ‘Open’ and ‘closed’. That’s also how the Economist recently described the new fault lines in international politics. No longer about left and right, the outlook of politicians — and nations — is defined by whether they are welcoming and open-armed, or protective and closed-borders. Progressive or regressive.

It’s a broad theme that has also divided the commercial world for the past decade. The democratisation of data may not have changed human nature, but it’s certainly changing behaviour, particularly in younger people. Progressive brands have responded by forging…

Brand building with next-generation VR and AR

Next-generation Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will create a big step-change in consumer technology. Driven by platforms that immerse and transport us, augment and assist us, it’s going to be huge!

What’s more, these technologies are likely to become a huge part of the brand and marketing landscape as new media surfaces and content delivery channels. They may seem a long way from the tech we use in today’s daily brand-building, but the new reality is arriving increasingly quickly.

Brands that genuinely begin to explore these channels now will be best placed to use them effectively as they become mainstream.

As software takes over the world, good design is becoming more vital than ever

There’s been a lot of talk recently about an exodus of creative talent from agencies. And it’s not just individuals moving. Corporations, tech giants and management consultancies are putting such a high value on design that they’re swallowing up independent agencies left, right and centre.

Design is hot property. But why? As Jules Ehrhardt explains in this excellent long-read, more and more products, businesses and industries are being remodelled to run on software platforms. …

The British public regularly find design baffling and frivolous, but to overturn this the creative industry needs to work harder to prove its worth

Like most reasonable people, I try not to discriminate. Some of my best friends are designers. Some of them aren’t. I look for what connects, rather than divides, us.

But sometimes, I realise we have fundamentally different ways of looking at the world. This week, I loved reading about the Co-operative supermarket going back to being Co-op, complete with a return to the classic 1968 ‘clover leaf’ logo which is the focal point of a new visual identity by North.

The warm glow of nostalgia

In the studio, we purred at how contemporary and fresh the logo looked on the…

People often compare client relationships to personal ones, and it’s a good analogy to make — both require a bit of effort and, when you find a good one, it can be rich and rewarding for both.

But, unlike a friendship that you might jump headlong into based on shared interests, the client relationship needs time to grow and develop. You need to build trust and mutual respect and find out what they really care about to make it work.

Communicate more than you think

In a client-servicing role, you’re not necessarily across the day-to-day details of a project. It’s…

Whether social networking with friends and family, or interacting with products and brands, our lives are dominated by screens and devices. As a result, these interactions are becoming increasingly impersonal. But, as complex creatures, we respond to a more human touch, seeking experiences that feel more natural, more friendly and more personal.

What does this dilemma mean for the work we create as strategists and designers? And what touches can we weave into our work to make brands feel more human?

In Rob’s article, It’s time for brands to walk the talk, he put forward a set of ‘Key Human…

As we mark International Women’s Day, everyone’s bemoaning the lack of females in top creative jobs, and rightly so. It’s 2016, the focus is on parity, and still not enough are making it through to senior positions. But in focusing on the negatives, asks Gemma Ballinger, are we missing the lead our clients are showing us?

I’m proud to know a wealth of smart, confident and creative women in my role as Client Services Director, both through the clients we work with and within the Studio Output business. On the client side, I’m meeting more and more women who are…

The biggest story at London Fashion Week 2016 was away from the runway. Despite the catwalk shows being live-streamed on 60 giant screens around the UK, the revolution would not be televised. Because, behind the scenes, an idea was circulating. An idea so simple, so obvious, that it would make the way the fashion industry operates look immediately, laughably out of date.

The idea was this: align the runway and retail calendar. …

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