New device to save infant lives from hot car deaths.

Meet Starfish — Child car safety seat sensor.

As a new father, hearing the news of yet another infant losing his life in a hot car horrified me. I asked myself…How? Why? What can be done? The search for answers prompted me to start developing a device that could easily prevent tragedies like this from happening. That device is Starfish.

Starfish is a weight-activated seat sensor that notifies your smartphone when you’ve left a certain area – say your car –without your child. Starfish uses Bluetooth to pair with your iPhone or Android phone, and it fits snugly in your child’s car seat. When you place your child on Starfish, the device automatically pairs with your smartphone, sending you a notification that your child is in his or her seat. When activated, Starfish then creates a “geo-fence” radius around itself. If you leave the “geo-fenced” area (around 20 feet), Starfish will automatically notify you that your child may be in danger. As an added layer of protection, Starfish can notify your emergency contacts if you haven’t responded to the notification after 5 minutes.

Starfish is presently on Kickstarter a crowd-funding platform essentially allowing the public pre- order and join in the development of Starfish, “Backing” Studio Whale for just $40 reserves a Starfish expected to ship in December 2014. (back here)

Starfish is incredibly easy to use. In fact, the one-time setup takes less than 3 minutes.

Simply download the Starfish app on your iPhone or Android smartphone, open it, and pair it with Starfish. Then, place Starfish under the pad of your child’s car seat using the provided self-adhesive tape. Place your child in his or her car seat, and Starfish will automatically activate.

Upon activation, Starfish creates a “geo-fence” radius around the device itself. The “geo-fence” spans roughly 20 feet.

If you leave this “geo-fence” while the seat sensor is still activated, you will be immediately notified that your child may be in danger through a mobile notification. After 5 minutes, the Starfish app on your device will notify your emergency contacts of your last known location and that you have not responded to the alert. Emergency contacts can be set up in the settings panel of the Starfish app.

To deactivate Starfish, simply remove your child from their car seat. Starfish deactivates and goes to sleep to preserve battery life. The Starfish app will alert you before the battery has reached a low use level, and needs to be replaced (Starfish takes a standard battery).

Pre-Order Starfish today and help us make a impact.

For me, this technology is all about saving lives. If the trend continues, 40 U.S. children will perish from hot car incidents this year alone. These are preventable deaths! Starfish is a simple way to prevent these tragedies from happening. Kickstarter has opened new doors for products to go straight into the hands of people who can use them the most, while offering a great way to get real world feedback. We want you to be part of Starfish’s story! With your support, we will enter production by October and have plans to ship beta units by November and first runs by December.

Please back, support, or share our project with friends and family!

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