10 Things We Learned in College

By: Rabail Akhoond

So you know growing up we heard a bunch of myths about how college would be and after going through it here are some things we learn.

  1. You have to be in class everyday because you can’t afford to miss a day in college. But the truth is, you get to pick the timings for your classes and you still don’t show up.
  2. Every class will have a lasting impact on you but the only place that impact happens is in your bank account.

3. College gives you mixed feelings because you are having the time of your life and 5 mental breakdowns the same day.

4. In high school we went through seven classes in one day but in college we go through two and are overwhelmed.

5. In college you look at the syllabus persistently. You wake up every morning to check and see if attendance is mandatory.

6. Take 8 am classes because you will be free for the rest of your day but the truth is you will make it to that class only on exam days, maybe.

7. Moving out of home is the best thing about college except you are homesick and hungry 99.9% of the time.

8. You and your roommates will either becomes best friends of best enemies there is no in between.

9. All-nighters are real people! You will pull those often in college and feel like zombie the next day.

10. You are inspired through all of college but your inspiration is the due date.

In spite of this list when you graduate every single effort you put in is worth it!

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