InterVarsity Fellowship put words in Jesus’ mouth.

I hope you’re sitting down: InterVarsity Fellowship believes they were misquoted by Time. They also believe they get to define who is sinning according to what they call an “orthodox” understanding of Scripture. But Jesus never spoke to same-sex attraction. He came to dismantle the constraints of Old Testament orthodoxy by replacing them with a command to love.

As part of their defense, InterVarsity point us to their Theological Summary Of Human Sexuality document which makes a special point of saying we must love the sinning gays while stating that marriage should be between one man and one woman (again, something Jesus never spoke to). The document even references Leviticus as a resource for human sexuality. And you can be sure they wouldn’t think twice about saying this to us over shellfish after working on Saturday while wearing clothes with two types of fibers and after cutting the hair on the sides of their heads.

They insist they are embracing those who are LGBTQ but they are condemning them. They are deeply harming a community of people on the margins. This posture will drive an even deeper wedge between InterVarsity and Jesus’ embrace of those that religious scholars condemned.