Shane, I find your article spot on.
Donna Gowin

Give me a break! Have you talked to him, tested him, analyzed him in any way other than his public ‘persona’, what the tabloids have said & what the media says? THANK GOD you are not my doctor! I dont give a rats ass what any of you faux experts say, think or feel. Until you all SHUT UP and give him a chance, like we did with Obama <shudder>, and let him have his chance to prove you all right (or wrong), then I stand behind him! If the govt had not become so corrupt and drunken with power, we would not have felt the need to vote for someone totally different. You have more than enough terminal narcissists in the legislature, Im sure. Go play with them. Oh, and dont forget to go buy your latest issue of Star. Im sure there are some UFOs/aliens about to attack us somewhere!

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