How Lady Libertarians Do Money
Brittany A Morrisey

Yeaaahhh, see, I kind of like the ADA and the ERA and the Voting Rights Act and all the other “regulations” that allow for Americans to succeed without necessarily having to have marketable skills from birth. I don’t see why we can’t support braiding as a side gig, decriminalizing drugs, and respecting people’s bodily autonomy WHILE supporting public schools, public outdoor/park spaces, environmental protection efforts, public transit, and the infrastructure required to support both public and private enterprise.

I don’t think it’s okay to support business and remove regulation thereon which then negatively impacts the interests of the populace, especially when understanding that the populace is diverse and with different requirements depending on the needs of the individual. And I really don’t think it’s okay to leave public welfare up to private enterprise (e.g., private prisons, social services with a hefty side of church indoctrination, health insurance…) when the goals of profitability directly conflict with the public good.